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Established in 1967, Mid-State Plating Co. maintains a modern 30,000 sq.ft facility in Flint Michigan. Facilities include computer controlled and monitored plating lines and complete laboratory facilities for process control, inspection and testing.

Quality results with minimum turn-around time at competitive prices continues to be our goal.



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Zinc Electroplating & Zinc Phosphating

Zinc Electroplating has been used for more than 100 years as a protective coating with electroplating as the most prevalent application method. Zinc electroplated coatings protect the base material against corrosion by forming a protective barrier and acting as a sacrificial anode if the zinc becomes damaged.

Zinc Phosphating is a crystalline conversion coating that is formed on a metal substrate by a chemical reaction between the plating bath and the metal substrate with no electricity needed for numerous applications from base coatings for paint and rubber molding to inexpensive rust preventive coatings.

Barrel Processing

Zinc Electroplate
Zinc Phosphate
Clean / Derust & Oil / Pickle & Oil

Rack Processing

Zinc Electroplate

  • Hexavalent chromium free clear and black meeting automotive elv, rohs, and weee directives.

Embrittlement Relief

  • Chrysler PS-9500
  • Ford WSS-M99A3-A
  • ASTM B850

Vibratory Deburring

Vibratory finishing is a type of mass finishing manufacturing process used to deburr, descale, burnish, clean, brighten parts for further processing. Burrs are most commonly created after manufacturing operations, such as stamping, machining, drilling, coining, turning, etc. These burrs are usually detrimental to the function of the part and must be reduced or removed.

In this batch-type automated operation, parts are deburred against each other in either a part-on part process or mixed with specially shaped pellets of media placed into the vibratory bowl. The vibratory bowl and all of its contents are then vibrated causing grinding contact between the surfaces the parts which yields the desired result.

Considerations for specifying vibratory deburring are dependant on the part application, required specifications, amount and type of burr,
required result, etc.

Zinc Electroplate per:

  • GM 4345M, ASTM B-633, S36, S309, WSD-M1P85-A1/2/3, PS -79, MES CG 310B, DX 551200, WSS-M1P85-B1/2/3/4/5, TSH6524G, Nissan M4040, HES D2003, PS-79, PS-Plating, PS-1207, and many more
  • GM Approved for GMW3044

Hexavalent Chromium Free Coatings

  • WSS-M21P17-B1, TSH6500G, TSH6524G, & PS-1207

Zinc Phosphate per:

  • GMW3179A, GM 4435M, PS-80, ESF-M3P6/8/9-A, S2, ESB-M3P4/5/17-A, ESS-M3P20-A, DX550700, DIN 50942, TSH7500G, GMW3179,
    and many more
  • WSS-M3P36-A2

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Typical Parts and Finishes

Barrel Zinc Plating

Barrel Zinc Plating

Rack Electroplate Processing

Rack Electroplate Processing

Zinc Phosphate

Zinc Phosphate

Pick Up & Delivery

Pick Up & Delivery


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Mid-State Plating Co. provides quality metal finishing services to the automotive and other industries including Barrel & Rack Zinc Electroplate, Zinc Phosphate Coating, Vibratory Deburring, and Cleaning. Hexavalent Chromium Free Coatings per WSS-M21P17-B1 GM Approved for GMW3044, Hex Free ELV RoHS compliant. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on quality results with minimum turn-around time at competitive prices continues to be our goal.


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